The "maison des Cloutier" in Château-Richer

This old rustic residence is certainly one of the finest specimens of the typical canadian house that can be found in the Québec region. Nestled into the bottom of the cliff on the Beaupré coast at the extreme northeast limits of Château-Richer it was the main house on what was known as the "Cloutier farm" that was in the family since 1676 when Jean Cloutier the III bought it from Nicolas Vérieul who had obtained it from Pierre Gagnon. Since that time it was always owned by successive generations of Cloutier being handed down from father to son for some 289 years.
In 1965, Adélard Cloutier, the last owner by that name decided to sell since there was no successor to continue to operate the farm and so passed into the hands of a Mr. Rousseau who restored this three hundred year old house, replacing the roof and the foundations in the hopes that it will last for another three hundred years.  For many years it has been  "l'Auberge de la Fine Gueule", a restaurant specializing in good old-fashioned canadian cooking.


Généalogie de la maison des Cloutier

On March 7, 1676, Nicholas Vérieul, husband of Marguerite Hiardin sold to Jean Cloutier (grandson of Zacharie), husband of Louise Bélanger, the land that he had exchanged with Pierre Gagnon the day before. From 1676 to 1965, the house remained the property of a Cloutier.

1 Jean Cloutier  Louise Bélanger

(C.R. 1679)

2 François Cloutier Elisabeth Morissette ( C.R. 1714)
3 François Cloutier Anne Fillion ( M. St-Joachim 1759)
4 François Cloutier Marguerite Faucher ( M. Ste-Famille I.O. 1780)
5 Jean-Baptiste Cloutier Louise Gagnon ( M. Ste-Anne 1774)
6 Zacharie Cloutier Marie-Josephte Taillon
Marie-Thérèse Gagnon
(M. A.G. 1807)
(M. A.G. 1819)
7 Joseph Cloutier Béatrice Côté   (M. C.R. 1862)
8 Joseph Cloutier Joséphine Blouin (M. S.A. 1889)
9 J. Adélard Cloutier Anna Blouin (M. S.A. 1928)

On March 5, 1965, Bertrand Rousseau, a veterinary from Quebec City, purchased the property. After major work to the house, he sold it in 1974 to Jacques Rouleau, who made a fine cuisine restaurant called "L'Auberge de la fine gueule". Ten years later he sold the house back to Mr Rousseau.

In 2006, a couple, Suzanne Fortier and Jean-Guy Lefebvre bought the house. They are still the owner of this beautiful house in 2014.


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